Seminar Series: At the Margins of Wage Labour? Work and Protests in Lebanon: From migrant work to large retail chains

Sofia Agosta, Michele Scala, Workers in agriculture, Akkar, 2017.

A seminar series by Ifpo, OCM (USJ) and the OIB

Organizers :

Michele Scala (OIB Visiting Doctoral Fellow, Amu-Iremam, Ifpo)
Nizar Hariri, Senior Lecturer at the USJ, Faculty of Economic Sciences

This seminar series aims at creating a space for discussion around “labour”, an issue that is scarcely studied, and widely absent from public and scientific debates in Lebanon. By bringing together the studies of various researchers, experts and actors in this field, this series analyzes labour from the workers point of view, in particularly those who carry out one or more activities at the margins of the legal and social protections which, in turn, are mainly restricted to wage labour. Continue reading