Research Project: Revolutionary Arabesque: Palestinian Groups and the West German Radical Left, 1967-1979

Article in Shu’un Filastiniyya, the magazine of the PLO’s Palestine Research Center, in April 1974

In April 1974, the magazine of the PLO’s Palestine Research Center, Shu’un Filastiniyya, dedicated an eight-page article to “the left” and “the solidarity movement with the Palestinian revolution” in West Germany. The author listed a variety of groups in the Federal Republic that supported the Palestinian cause, from the “League against Imperialism” to the “Marxist Student League Spartakus.” In the article, readers were not only provided with detailed information about the radical left in the country, but also with the historical trajectory of its relations to Palestinian groups. The text depicted, for instance, how the expulsion of Palestinians from West Germany in the wake of the attack on the Israeli team at the 1972 Summer Olympic Games had created a moment of pro-Palestinian mobilization in the radical left. Continue reading