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This category presents everything connected to events at the OIB, such as CfPs, conferences and conference reports, videos, and livestreams.


Islamic Ethical Discourse”. Various typologies from the pre-modern texts of ethics including ethnic, religious, societal, gendered and historical typologies have been extensively discussed in five panels for three days in hybrid form. Eleven out of fifteen speakers were physically present in Beirut. All panels have been livestreamed to achieve a wide audience worldwide. The workshop took place from 10-12 March 2022 and has been organized by Fatih Ermiş (OIB), Bilal Orfali (AUB) and Enrico Boccaccini (OIB). The spectrum of the speakers ranged from Canada and USA to Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Turkey and Lebanon.

Reckoning with God

Joud Alkorani By some recollections, the Arab Spring was characterized by God’s presence. “God is with us,” chanted some as they protested in the streets. “God is great,” proclaimed others as blood was shed....

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