Workshop: “Political Communication, Public Sphere and Transition in Egypt”

The Orient Institut Beirut project entitled “Media Culture in Transformation” will be holding its first international workshop entitled “Political Communication, Public Sphere and Transition in Egypt” on the 8th of May 2013, at The German Science Center Cairo (DWZ), 11 Sh. Saleh Ayoub, Zamalek. The workshop is followed by a CTTC event. The workshop aims at creating networks between the Egyptian and international scientific community in media and political studies.The workshop is accompanied by simultaneous interpretation (English/Arabic).

The intensive one-day workshop is structured in four panels with highly esteemed international guests from  diverse academic institutions within Egypt and abroad. It strengthens networks between the Egyptian and international scientific community in media and political studies, thus adds to the interdisciplinary dialogue. Furthermore, the workshop enhances the visibility of the project in the academic scene.

Participating guests represent The Orient Institut Beirut, Cairo University, The American University in Cairo, Centre d’Études et de Documentation Économiques, Juridiques et Sociales CEDEJ, Sydney University, Art Academy, The British University in Egypt, Modern Science Academy, as well as German universities: University of Erfurt, University of Mannheim, University of Hildesheim, and the Institute for Media and Communication Policy, Berlin.

Preliminary Workshop Programme – (Last updated: 13.04.2013)
Media Culture in Transformation OIB Project-Workshop
“Political Communication, Public Sphere and Transition in Egypt”
Venue: DWZ- The German Science Centre, 11 Sh. Saleh Ayoub, Zamalek

Arrival of invited guests from abroad


Registration and Coffee

10:00 – 10:15
Welcome and Opening
Dr. Nadia von Maltzahn, OIB, Hanan Badr, Cairo University

10:20 – 12:00
Panel 1: A Changing Public Sphere in Egypt – Boundaries and Discourses of the Political Discourse and Media Culture
Maria Röder, University of Mannheim
Dynamics of media culture: Public Spheres and the New Citizen in Egypt
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Soffar, Cairo University (tbc)
Is there a Public Sphere in Egypt?
Dr. Enrico De Angelis, CEDEJ
Social Media and Media Culture in the Arab World
Moderation: Dr. Gennaro Gervasio, BUE

12:00 – 12:30
Coffee Break

12:30 – 14:00
Panel 2: Role of Media in the Democratic Transformation
Prof. Dr. Thomas Demmelhuber, Universität Hildesheim
Social Media and its transformative power: Conceptual remarks on the “regime dilemma”
Dr. Ayman El-Sayyad, Media Consultant
Remarks on the Role of Media in Transformation
Amro Ali, Sydney University
Gaining Alexandria: the political logic of an oppositional city
Moderation: Dr. Inas Abou Youssef, Cairo University

14:00 – 15:00
Lunch Break

15:00 – 16:30
Panel 3: Media and Collective Action: Protest and Youth Movements: New Forms and Styles of Political Communication
Dr. Asiem Difraoui, Institute for Media and Communication Policy, Berlin
Media and Transformation – Chances and Challenges
Sara Salem, International Institute for Social Sciences, The Hague
Creating spaces for dissent: social media, power and the public sphere in Egypt
Wessam Kamal, PhD Candidate at Cairo University
Harlem Shake Online: Remarks on techniques of political protest using social media
Moderation: Prof. Randa Abu Bakr, Cairo University

Coffee Break

Panel 4: Media Discourse and Transformation: The Language of the Revolution
Prof. Dr. Samia Mehrez, Laura Gribbon, The American University in Cairo
The Problematic of Translating Tahrir
Prof. Dr. Emad Abdel Latif, Cairo University
A Rhetorical Approach to understanding the Egyptian Revolution
Mr. Amr Khafagy, Journalist and TV Presenter
Media Discourse on an Unfinished Revolution and the ongoing Political Debates
Moderation: Prof. Naila Hamdy, The American University in Cairo

Wrap up and closing of the workshop

CTTC Cairo Talks on Transition and Change: Event in collaboration with OIB and FU Berlin on
From ‚liberal autocracy’ to ‚illiberal democracy’?: Why Egypt needs a reform of the media
Prof. Dr. Kai Hafez, University of Erfurt
Dr. Rasha Abdulla, The American University in Cairo

CTTC Reception

Max Weber Stiftung

The Max Weber Foundation promotes global research, focused on the areas of social sciences, cultural studies and the humanities. Our research is conducted at ten institutes in various countries across the globe with different and independent fields of focus. Through our globally operating institutes, we are able to contribute to the communication and networking between Germany and our host countries or regions. By promoting academic dialogue and merging academic and non-academic employees from several countries with different cultural backgrounds, the Max Weber Foundation is able to strengthen the internationalization of research.

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